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If you are looking for escort employment through our agency, congratulations on your excellent taste! We take our work very seriously, and are always looking for dedicated companions who are also as passionate about their work as we are. We do have very strict requirements for the women who want to work with us, so please make sure that you read about them before you apply.


Choosing the right escort agency for your career is crucial to your safety and success. As the best escorts agency in Amsterdam, we are happy to say that we provide a safe and supportive working environment for the women who we choose to hire. Ladies who work with us can always expect a steady amount of income, and also can expect to have wonderful moments with some of the most interesting men in Amsterdam. Of course, because we do hire the best of the best companions in Amsterdam, the money that you will receive will also be the highest in the industry.

We do require our companions to be beautiful, well-kept, and clean. Quality companionship cannot happen without a companion who takes care of herself. If you are not physically fit and attractive, we are not going to be interested in hiring you. The standards we hold our companions to are high.

We also require our companions to have a mature mindset. The escort industry will always require companions to have a mature mindset. This is not your average job, and this is a job that requires you to understand the value of your clients’ time.

Companions that we hire also should be able to provide excellent experiences for our clientele. The girls who we hire have to reflect the fact that we are the best escort agency in Amsterdam. This means that it’s not only about good looks. We require our companions to have great, positive personalities as well as skills that help put our upscale clients in a state of relaxed bliss.

Select Agency offers escort employment for women who really believe that they can be the best in the industry – and we are always seeking new companions! If you are ready to take the next step to becoming a companion with the best escort agency in Amsterdam, please fill out the form below and attach several photos. Remember, we need to have a good idea of what you look like naturally as well as with makeup!